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Naval Station Norfolk has over 82,000 active-duty military on base as well as over 29,000 civilians. Major units stationed at Naval Station Norfolk are the Supreme Allied Commander, the Commander in Chief, the US Atlantic Fleet and the Commander Second Fleet. Other major units at Naval Station Norfolk include the Defense Distribution Center, the Navy Warfare Development Command Norfolk History and the US Atlantic Fleet Naval Air Forces.

CNRMA 757-322-2766
The Commander Navy Region Mid-Atlantic supports Navy operating forces and promotes readiness through the efficient operation of shore installations. The Mid-Atlantic Command oversees bases, stations, and units from Maine to North Carolina, supporting fleet, fighter, and family.
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COMNAVAIRLANT 757-444-2928
Commander Naval Air Force Atlantic Fleet was established during World War II, in 1943, and placed in overall command of naval aviation in the Atlantic. Originally, this generally meant keeping US shores and shipping safe from German submarine attack, and providing air cover for US shipping en route to the United Kingdom. In the Cold War, this meant more or less the same, keeping on watch against Soviet maneuvering and possible attack.
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Commander Surface Fleet Atlantic was established in 1975, taking over for Commander Cruiser-Destroyer Force Atlantic, which was in overall command of cruiser forces, destroyer forces, and service ships in the Atlantic. During World War I and II this command was in charge of destroyer forces in the Atlantic, during a period of serious threat from German submarines. During the Cold War the command was in charge of service ships and the main surface combat ships operating in the Atlantic.
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COMSUBFOR 757-836-1346
Commander Submarine Force and Commander Submarine Atlantic are both stationed at NS Norfolk. This command had a relatively quiet history during the two world wars, but came into its own during the Cold War, operating the coldest front of all, an ongoing test of nerves with Soviet submarines in the North Atlantic, a long series of patrols with no battles, many encounters, and ultimately US victory. Prior to the efforts of ComSubFor subs had no real hope of head-to-head battles - subs hunted shipping, and destroyers hunted subs. The technical advances of ComSubFor in sonar detection allowed US submarines to detect and maneuver near their Soviet opposites.
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HQSACT 757-747-3225
JECC 757-836-8939
JTC-I 757-836-7000
NAVSTA Norfolk 757-444-4377
NAVSUPPACT Hampton Roads 757-836-1842
NSA Hampton Roads is a separate command from NS Norfolk, but is in essentially the same location, and is generally confused with the Naval Station by civilians, and even by the DOD. This station has some 6000 personnel aboard, including the largest concentration of Naval flag officers outside the Pentagon.
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This command was until 2006 Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet. The command is responsible for all US Naval forces in the Atlantic, and it was created by order of President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. This is the command that fought the US end of World Wars I and II, and kept a watchful Cold War eye on the Soviet fleet operating out of the Baltic and Black Seas.
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