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NS Norfolk, VA NS Norfolk, VA Housing
            HOUSING          RELOCATION

The large city of Norfolk and Naval Station Norfolk are in the Hampton Roads area of southern, coastal Virginia. Nearby communities like Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake are all highly populated as well, and make the Hampton Roads area quite busy. You may use your BAH to either rent on post or to rent or purchase your own home off post.

Click Here for current BAH rates at NS Norfolk, VA

Off Post Housing

The average price of a home in the Norfolk area is about $210,000. This is lower than the Virginia state average of $250,000. A two bedroom apartment in the area usually costs about $1,200 per month.

Hampton Roads is the most populated area in southern Virginia; the city of Norfolk is actually the second most populated city in the state, behind Virginia Beach, with a population of 243,000. It is located on the Elizabeth River in the Chesapeake Bay. Cities within a 30-40 minute commute include Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, and Newport News, Hampton, and Poquoson across the James River.

Traffic is notorious for slowing down commutes, especially at rush hour, so a typical drive to work may take much longer. This is thanks to the densely packed cities and high number of military installations; the trade-off may be that the area is usually sensitive to the military lifestyle. For more information and local details, use the links below or on the left-hand side of this page.

Click here to see Single Family Rentals or Click here to see Apartments for Rent.

Click here to view Homes for Sale by Owner.

Click here for Real Estate Agents.

On Post Housing

NS Norfolk on post housing is privatized and applicants may be placed on a waiting list until the desired space becomes available. There are over 4,000 units to be shared by the many military installations in the Hampton Roads area. Housing units include apartments, duplexes, townhouses, and detached houses. Amenities generally include major appliances, fenced backyards, and central location to community centers. Call the NS Norfolk housing office to learn more about types of homes and availability at (757) 445-2832.

NorfolkNavalHousing.com has more information on the area around Norfolk, VA, on base and off base resources, local housing rental rates, climate, attractions, and more. For local information pages, review the links on left of this page. On the right side of the page you will find links to local services and businesses.

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